How long do you spend with my cat on each visit?

This depends on the cat(s). We respect that while some cats are extremely friendly, others can be very wary of strangers, especially in their home. For those who are happy to be cuddled and played with, we are happy to have fun with them. In this case, we would usually stay around 30-40mins. 

How much do you charge?

We charge Dhs. 78.75 per visit for up to 2 cats, and an extra Dhs. 10.50 per cat after this. During public holidays and peak-periods the rate is slightly higher due to demand. Please see rates

When do I give the keys to the cat sitter?

Once your booking has been confirmed, we will arrange a date and time for meet 'n'greet. This is when you will brief us on your specific cat requirements, show us where things are, and give us the keys. 

How much notice do I need to give?

As much notice as possible would be appreciated, especially during peak-periods. A week's notice gives us time to arrange the meet 'n' greet, receive payment in full and issue a receipt. We will only accommodate last minute requests from clients we hold keys for already.  

What time do you visit? 

We visit between 8am and 7pm. We try and visit your cat at the same time each day, but during peak periods this may not be possible.

How do I know that you've visited and my cat is ok?

You will receive a WhatsApp message on the first visit, and updates/pics every other day thereafter. With your permission, we can also post pictures of your cat on our FB page. 

Do you offer every other day visits?

No, we don't. Even if your cat has an automatic feeder, in order for your cat to receive the best care and for us to keep an eye on them properly, the minimum requirement is one visit per day. If you have a kitten(s) that is younger than 6 months old we require a minimum booking of two visits per day. 

Is The Dubai Cat Sitting Company a registered company?

Yes, we are a DED registered company. License number available upon request

What if we have a cat flap and my cat goes out regularly? 

Although we don't want to upset your cat's routine, we'd prefer it if you could lock the cat flap while you're away, for everyone's peace of mind. 

What happens if there's an emergency with my cat?

If there is any problem whatsoever, you will be alerted straight away and your cat will be taken to the vet if necessary (chargeable). You will need to fill in a vet release form at registration, which gives us authorisation to take your cat to the vet if required. 

How do I pay?

Payment can be made via Paypal (your invoice will be in USD) or via our online store www.mycatandco.com (we’ll send you a payment link) Payments MUST be made prior to the first day of the booking.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

You will need to sign a copy of our T&Cs at meet n greet (attached file here for your reference). 

What happens if I haven't bought enough cat supplies prior to leaving?

We realise you may not have had time to race to the shops to stock up, so to make your life easier you can order all your cat supplies via our online shop www.mycatandco.com and we'll deliver your supplies the next day.